Tonight I have been playing ultimate for the first time. I’m surprised how popular the sport is here as professional players don’t actually get paid for playing. I found it good fun though and it’s something new which I like. The frisbee throwing techniques are far more complex than at first sight but I think I did pretty well. The backhand in front of your body is relatively easy but the forehand, like skipping a stone over the pond, requires some more skill and proper handling. The key is to give the disc enough spin so that it flies in a stable trajectory through the air. In two weeks the new season starts so i’ll be joining up with the RSES team (if there are enough players hopefully) and we’ll see how I will fare in the tournaments. In the meanwhile I need to practice, practice and practice 😛

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Tomorrow i’m off for a hike in one of Canberra’s national parks with the mountaineering club. I’ll take some pics as well. The river gorge and the caves are said to be absolutely beautiful!

See ya!