Here is a list of some of the Australian English expressions you might come across if you happen to visit Australia.

Arvo – Afternoon
Barbie – barbecue
Bikies – motorcyclists
Bloke – man
Bludger – lazy person
Booze bus – police van used for random breath testing for alcohol
Bush – countryside
BYO – bring your own
Bikkies – Biscuits
Chuck a U-ey – 180 degree turn
Crook – ill, badly made, substandard
Cut lunch – sandwiches
Deli – Delicatessen shop
Dinkum – honest
Drongo – worthless person
Esky – large insulating box for keeping things cold
G’day – Good day
Good on ya – Well done
Grog – General term for alcoholic drinks
Hoon – idiot
Lark – a scheme
Mate – general term for familiarity
Mozzie – mosquito
No worries – it’s OK
Ocker – an uncultivated or boorish Australian
Out in the sticks, boondocks – Out there in the bush
Pissed – drunk
Pom, pommy – English person (POME = prisoner of mother England)
Postie – mail deliverer
Ratbag – friendly term of abuse
Reckon! – you bet! Absolutely!
Root – to have sexual intercourse
Rooted, knackered – tired
She’ll be right – no worries
Shotgun! – Gives you right to the front seat in the car
Stubby – small beer bottle or shorts
Tinny – can of beer
Too right! – Absolutely
Trucky – truck driver
Wag – to skip school or work
Wog – Someone from Southern European descent. Can be offensive!
Wowser – spoilsport, puritan