Yesterday I have been out and about. As I have recently been able to temporarily borrow a bike, I thought this would be a great moment to check out some of the features Canberra has to offer. I have visited the botanical gardens of Canberra which contain about 7000 of 21000 species of plants Australia has to offer. It was a pleasant walk through the gardens learning all about plants I have never seen before including many eucalyptus species. The park has been layed out in such a way that the locations of the plants in the park reflect the locations of the plants in Australia. High up in the park a bush trail leads to the black mountain summit to where the Telstra communications tower stands. Admission is 6 AUD$ (3 Euro something) but it was quite worth it. I was rewarded with a great panorama over the countryside. See pics below. At around 3 pm I rode past the australian national university (ANU) to the Australian National Museum. The architecture of the museum is rather weird but probably comparable to buildings I have seen in the Netherlands he he. Below is a link to the photos i took that day. Enjoy!!

Botanical gardens, panorama, ANU, museum photos

In some pics you see a creature called the Echidna. I was really lucky to see this creature as it is one of the few mammals that lays eggs.