It has been over 10 years since I last used this blog and it has been converted over and over by my host Now it is running on WordPress 5.8. There is so much stuff I can do here, but I might not bother with it. This is just a post to see what happens.

In the coming period I will be updating the website with new content. The presentation still looks good imo. All the pages (after some tweaking) are still xhtml 1.1 compliant. I know there is html 5, maybe xhtml 5 now, but I can’t figure out if this really matters for me. Probably not, since I’m not planning any fancy (animated) stuff.

So, if you read this, great! 😀 But don’t get your hopes up. I disabled comments (I think…), because who still comments on blogs these days with twitter and the like. No… I will not start using twitter, but I’m happy to talk to you in person.

Stay healthy, stay sane during this COVID-19 pandemic.