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I am an experimental geologist and beamline manager at DESY, Hamburg. My beamline is an extreme conditions beamline hosting a Large Volume Press for in situ studies on materials at high pressures and temperatures using synchrotron X-rays.

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Probably not a comeback

General news Posted on 2021-08-12 16:53

It has been over 10 years since I last used this blog and it has been converted over and over by my host Now it is running on WordPress 5.8. There is so much stuff I can do here, but I might not bother with it. This is just a post to see what happens.

In the coming period I will be updating the website with new content. The presentation still looks good imo. All the pages (after some tweaking) are still xhtml 1.1 compliant. I know there is html 5, maybe xhtml 5 now, but I can’t figure out if this really matters for me. Probably not, since I’m not planning any fancy (animated) stuff.

So, if you read this, great! 😀 But don’t get your hopes up. I disabled comments (I think…), because who still comments on blogs these days with twitter and the like. No… I will not start using twitter, but I’m happy to talk to you in person.

Stay healthy, stay sane during this COVID-19 pandemic.


General news Posted on 2010-02-14 13:52

It has been raining for two days non-stop now. Temperatures haven’t even reached 20C. Definitely feels like autumn is coming. It’ll still get warm later on though but not warmer than 30C anymore.

I’ve been playing some good old Quake. Wow! That game takes me back. I don’t remember whether my dad gave it to me back in 1996, but it was my all time favourite for a long time. I was playing it on our pentium 66 MHz computer with a 2MB S3 video card. I still remember saying to my friend “I bet, in the future, these huge ugly pixels on the walls will look so much better!”. Not surprisingly the bilinear filter was introduced not much later to smoothen out pixelated textures. I also obtained a copy of Quake 2. That was such a cool game too. I remember the computer could *just* run it. The graphics were slightly better and hence more hardware demanding.

Today it’s valentines day. This must be the first time in my life i actually care 😉 Best wishes to everyone.

Winter has arrived

General news Posted on 2009-06-10 21:49

I figure i might start blogging again now that i have a neat little netbook that i recently bought. For those interested, it’s the Samsung N110 with a 10″ screen and battery life up to 6 hours.

Lately the weather has been freezing in Canberra. Today I even saw snow on the mountains around the city. Tonight it will be the coldest night yet of -3C. It wouldn’t be so bad if the houses here were properly insulated but alas. Swine flu is rampant too with the state Victoria reporting the most cases whereas elsewhere in the world the danger has long since passed. Anyhow, I got sick twice in a row now. I don’t reckon it’s swine flu but a nasty cold virus.

As for work, today we finally had a successful deformation experiment down in the lab. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my rock sample but my colleague’s. Still, it was pretty exciting. Group meeting tomorrow to discuss my project that could use some good luck by now. Time is getting short before my trip to the US where I’ll be doing labwork amongst other things. The labwork at the Uni of Minnesota will be equally challenging.

Rex out.


General news Posted on 2008-10-03 14:43

The previous post was just a teaser of what is to come next 😉

So what’s been happening since? Lots! So here are a few highlights

1. I have new housemates. Yes, all fresh! One Mexican, one Romanian (who is never around) and one Chinese dude.

2. Research is going strong with the latest set of experiments now over. It had kept me awake at uni until past mid night for the whole week. Crazy!

3. I submitted a research proposal which is going to take me to the US at the University of Minnesota and Yale for rock deformation experiments (Aug ’09). Also I attached the latest Rheology, Deformation and Tectonics conference to it which is in Liverpool, UK this time (7-9 Sept).

4. I am organising for mid November a student field trip to Kioloa at the coast for a mini conference amongst the RSES and EMS students. Just for the weekend it is. Will be great!

5. I will go to Japan at the end of November for 5 days to attend the TANDEM (Toward formation of The Asian Network in Deep Earth
Mineralogy) workshop and present a poster. The city is called Matsuyama in the south. There will be time for sight seeing 😛

6. I set up a internal website at ANU for people who wish to learn and contribute to using LaTeX, a professional typesetting. It is sa-weet once you know how to use it, so much better than M$ Word. You can also create pdf presentations with it.

7. There have been a few house parties of course, including the latest one which was at my place to celebrate the birthdays of my Mexican housemate and a friend at RSES. Good times. You facebook people will probably have seen the photos by now 🙂

8. Im officially flying back to the Netherlands tomorrow for 3 weeks holidays and visit to Utrecht University. Can wait to see you people who have not yet abandoned that little country in the wide wide world!

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