It has been raining for two days non-stop now. Temperatures haven’t even reached 20C. Definitely feels like autumn is coming. It’ll still get warm later on though but not warmer than 30C anymore.

I’ve been playing some good old Quake. Wow! That game takes me back. I don’t remember whether my dad gave it to me back in 1996, but it was my all time favourite for a long time. I was playing it on our pentium 66 MHz computer with a 2MB S3 video card. I still remember saying to my friend “I bet, in the future, these huge ugly pixels on the walls will look so much better!”. Not surprisingly the bilinear filter was introduced not much later to smoothen out pixelated textures. I also obtained a copy of Quake 2. That was such a cool game too. I remember the computer could *just* run it. The graphics were slightly better and hence more hardware demanding.

Today it’s valentines day. This must be the first time in my life i actually care 😉 Best wishes to everyone.