I figure i might start blogging again now that i have a neat little netbook that i recently bought. For those interested, it’s the Samsung N110 with a 10″ screen and battery life up to 6 hours.

Lately the weather has been freezing in Canberra. Today I even saw snow on the mountains around the city. Tonight it will be the coldest night yet of -3C. It wouldn’t be so bad if the houses here were properly insulated but alas. Swine flu is rampant too with the state Victoria reporting the most cases whereas elsewhere in the world the danger has long since passed. Anyhow, I got sick twice in a row now. I don’t reckon it’s swine flu but a nasty cold virus.

As for work, today we finally had a successful deformation experiment down in the lab. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my rock sample but my colleague’s. Still, it was pretty exciting. Group meeting tomorrow to discuss my project that could use some good luck by now. Time is getting short before my trip to the US where I’ll be doing labwork amongst other things. The labwork at the Uni of Minnesota will be equally challenging.

Rex out.