Today I went on a quick trip to Sydney Airport from Canberra with a good friend who was willing to drive me there and back. It takes about 3 hours to get to Sydney from Canberra as it’s a good 300km away, probably a bit less. The trip was real nice because it enabled me to see some more of Australia. From Canberra everything looked very dry but as we drove further towards the coast, the grasslands became greener and there are big eucalyptus forests too and very narrow gorges where rivers flow through. Lots of sandstone outcrops where the road cuts the hills. Sometimes you could see massive forsets and cross bedding probably indicating that these were dune deposits.

At the Airport we had no trouble finding the customs building. It took about an hour before I cleared my stuff and then we set out to collect it. It was all very straightforward. Soon enough some guy on a forklift came with my stuff and we packed it into the van and headed back to Canberra. We left at 8am and returned at 4:45pm. The van was returned immediately which was just as well because we didnt need it any longer.

I had a good supper at my friends house and rode back on my bike through the rain and thunder to my place. We’ve been having afternoon thunderstorms on and off since i arrived here in Australia. There was one particular heavy storm a couple days ago with hail and very loud thunder. Quite an experience! Anyway there goes another attempt at breaking the myth that when a dutch person visits you, rain follows. 😉