I feel like i’m becoming a different person lol. You wouldnt believe how much shopping I’ve done so far. Just today I got myself some great bargains. A 3 persons tent for $40 and a pair of excellent running shoes for $60. I also got over the last few days a good firm pillow, mobile phone, bike helmet and whatnot. Now that I finally get properly paid it feels kinda good to be able to afford this kinda stuff. Next week there’s a computer sale at the Canberra university (not ANU!) I probably want to check out. I’m looking for a nice and big flat/widescreen monitor so I can properly watch movies but they dont come cheap :-). I’m still keeping in mind to get a double bed too but they are hard to find for a good price. That’s it for now. I’ll post some lab pics and a brief description of my work at the uni this coming week.