I’m living in another country. But Australia does belong with the developed countries like the USA and countries in western Europe. So what exactly is different apart from the fact that the language spoken is different? Here are some differences i noticed between the Netherlands and Australia:

1) At the supermarket (no matter which one), you are greeted friendly and the cassiere even sorts out your shopping items in plastic bags for you. They also take your keycard (pinpas) and swipe it themselves for you.

2) Pin transactions are similar with a 4 digit pin code but you have the opportunity to select which account you want to use. That’s savings for me.

3) Always when waiting in line, wait until you are called. It’s ‘rude’ to step up when you think the person before you is done and walks away.

4) Cycling on the road is allowed but the roads are not build for cyclists. Cycling on the sidewalk where pedestrians walk is much more common and apparently also allowed. There are some bicycle tracks in Canberra. In Australia people drive on the left side of the road.

5) You must wear a bike helmet by law or face a fine up to $50

6) There are few custards (vla) and yoghurts and a smaller selection of brand cheeses or you have to pay a lot for little.

I’ll add some more things later on.