Last weekend I went for a two day Bush walk in Tidbinbilla national park. Unfortunately I didnt have my camera then and i’m waiting for some one else who did have a very good camera to send me the pics. Once I’ll have them I’ll write a story about that adventure.

This weekend I’ve been sleeping, hanging around the house but this Sunday afternoon I thought i’d do something interesting so I took my bike and rode to Mount Ainslie. With my camera at the ready i took plenty of pics. See the gallery here. I first rode up mount Ainslie which was a tough job over firetrails and loose rocks. I did finally manage my way up to the top of 888m high. The view is incredible from the top as you can see in the photos. Pretty much whole Canberra is visible with the parliament house and Civic as the central business district where the flats are. The Uni is behind those flats. I rode down over single tracks which was awesome but shortlived as the mountain aint that high. Back in the city I was really close to the war memorial so that’s where I headed next. You can see the dome structure of the war memorial and on the inside there is a pond with ever burning fire dedicated to those soldiers that died in WW1 and WW2. On either side plaques are put on the wall with flowers containing all the names of the fallen soldiers (mostly Australian and New Zealanders, hence ANZAC). The museum inside was incredible. Whole aircraft are located inside, a submarine, tanks and artillery from WW1 but mostly WW2, including a bomber that was used to bomb Berlin. I didnt get to see everything because it was 17:00 already and the museum closed. This means I’ll have to come back. The part on the Gallipoli landing of the ANZAC troops was particularly interesting because it was one of Churchill’s biggest mistakes. Basically there were too many Turkish troops and the terrain was very unforgiving. After the museum closed I rode back home.

Go here to see all the various bird species you can find here. I got most of the main ones. Lots of parrot species. The one with the bright red breast is called a crimson rosella which is pictured on the Arnott’s bisquits boxes and tim tams. The white – black bird is a magpie.