Tis was another ordinary day using windows vista when suddenly vista
decides I should reactivate it. Fine i thought it’s a genuine copy
anyway. I restart the pc and whadda ya know? Windows is no longer
genuine. It still shows up as activated but I cant get past any
validation and online vista appears as unvalidated. WTF!?! I spend the
better part of my evening talking to HP in finding a way to sort out
this mess. No luck! They little know what has caused it. That extra
module of RAM? New drivers? Incompatible software? After trying a few
things I am still left with an apparently illegal version of windows
Vista with windows genuine advantage notifications all over the screen.
I finally decide to reinstall Vista. When that was finally done, there
is a problem with activation. The product has already been activated on
another computer?? There is no such thing! This is a special upgrade
for my HP dv9055ea notebook only! So I use the option to activate
windows by phone and I call Microsoft, Australia. After working through
the bots, I finally get a person on the phone. Thankfully not too many
questions asked and I get my new activation ID and I finally
successfully reactivated Windows Vista. Sheeesh! If this happens one
more time I’m going to ditch Windows forever. The world of linux
suddenly seems much more attractive now…