Here’s a small update with all that’s been keeping me busy since my last post. I’ve been putting my PhD project to one side for the last week so I could spend some time on rewriting my masters thesis into a GRL paper. I’ve been using LyX and the result is incredible! It’s also so easy to use with making references and inserting figure and tables in a very professional way! Sweet as aye. The first version is now finished and sent off to my former supervisor in Utrecht. I have a good feeling about my first publication that this will be it.

Other than work, I have checking out some pubs Canberra has to offer. There is a really good one called the Phoenix. Last thursday after a seminar dinner I went with some friends to this place and had a couple of drinks and good laughs. Kilkenny is a beer that I can certainly recommend! Now that many PhD students are completing their research many nights like these will follow to celebrate a successful conclusion to their 3 – 4 year research. Brilliant! I say :-). Last night I went with some people to a steak house/pizzeria. The steaks are awesome! Normally I’d rarely eat steaks (back in NL) but here the temptation is too good! Steaks are relatively cheap too in the supermarket. Later that evening we went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At world’s end in the cinema. It was pretty much alright, a bit better than the second one but the original first one still rules. If you like comedy and action and some adventure, you certainly mustn’t miss out on this one! Prepare yourself for a long watch though. It lasts for 3 hours! That was actually one of the flaws. If it was shorter, i might have been even better. I’d give it 8/10.

Maybe next week we’ll go and see Shrek the third! I heard it was quite good!

I booked a flight to Melbourne in the weekend of 23 – 24 June for some sightseeing. It would be a good opportunity to get out of Canberra for a bit.

Next week I’ll be starting new experiments on a side project on the annealing kinetics of dislocations in synthetic Fo90.