I’ve ditched Windows Vista for good. It was getting on my nerves after it became non-genuine again. This time it turned out to be caused by a worldwide outage of the WGA (windows genuine advantage) servers. That bit of nastyness wired into windows that phones home every time you log onto the internet to check if you have a legal version of windows. As I later found out, it is said in the EULA that even when you purchase a copy of windows, it still technically belongs to Microsolt. You are just hiring it! I’ve downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and im a happy linux camper now. 🙂 Everything runs the way I want to. I do not miss any windows applications and I am even able to continue playing Quake 3 arena, the only game I’m addicted to at the moment. Two future games, both Unreal Tournament 3 and Quake Wars: Enemy Territory will run natively on GNU/Linux. So…no worries right? 🙂

PS. Compiz fusion, GNU/Linux’s version of the 3D accelerated desktop via OpenGL is awesome! However, it is still in early development so after trying it out for a bit I did find it a bit too buggy still. So I intend to wait for the next stable release (I only tried the latest development build of course).