I’ve been for 4 days on a student field trip to Kioloa and Bermagui on the New South Wales coast directly from Canberra. The trip was really really good. We had to do presentations of our research on Saturday 22 Sept. I think everyone did a pretty good job. Seann and Richard were voted as the ones giving the most entertaining presentations and were awarded a surfboard with their names on it. On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we drove down the coast in the two minivans to Bermagui, stopping along the way to check out pretty sweet geological outcrops. I won’t bore you with the details but we saw a lot of igneous outcrops progressively more metamorphosed and deformed. The geological setting can get pretty complicated with like 7 deformation phases although in most places deformation was pretty localized. The rock outcrops date back to the Silurian. We had some good times at the bar every night too. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much beer on subsequent days ha ha. Check out some photos here.

Research is still going well although I hope to speed up my experiments in the coming month. Too many distractions can slow you down pretty easily. 🙂