Well I have finally arrived in Canberra, Australia after a very long flight. There were no particular problems i encountered but it did get a bit irritating to keep having to check it and out and clearing customs at each airport. I arrived on Tuesday at 22:00 which was great because I could use some sleep by then. So I seem to be alright, without a jetlag to speak of.

The house is lovely and I have an awesome room! It’s so big! There’s not much stuff in it thus far. My housemates are great people too. As I’ll get my bearings these days, I’m sure I’ll fit right in. I’ve been to the uni today, first to get a bank account and second to say hi at RSES. It’s not very big but i’d say it’s comparable to HPT lab in Utrecht. They have some pretty sweet looking machines too. I met some professors and the dutch post-doc who works there. Everybody is very helpful to the point i sometimes dont know anymore what to say. I hope they are not queuing up favours in return he he. But I suspect that’s just the Australian way. Below is a link to some pictures I took today. Enjoy!!

Flight and Canberra/uni pics

btw I saw Ayers rock (Uluru) from the plane!!! Wicked!