Today I got the first deposit of money on my bank account! Woohoo! It’s the reimbursement from flight and baggage relocation costs. I’m still going to try and get a (partial) reimbursement of the rent I had to pay to hold my room before coming to Canberra. Life’s pretty good here. Always something going on at work or at home with my housemates.

At work for instance I recently got hold of an awesome computer with dual xeon processors and two monitors, just because it was lying around collecting dust. It was pretty funny when they asked me what I wanted: a pc or a mac. BUT i didnt fall for the evil temptation of choosing a mac because frankly nobody cares about a mac ;-).

Besides that I’m rebuilding the attenuation apparatus i’ll be using together with my supervisor Prof. Jackson and a technician at the lab. We’ll be done tomorrow hopefully. The lab itself isnt that big but when you walk further into the next door buildings what you see is laboratory/workshop heaven! A wideknown fact is that the SHRIMP electron probing devices are actually all build here. YES! Right here at ANU. Sweet as! Anyway, I had a little tour through all the workplaces. I was pleasantly amused with all the stuff they have here. It belittles the HPT lab at Utrecht completely ha ha.

I’m going out with some mates for a steak tonight. There is a really cheap place in Dickson where on mondays and tuesdays you can get a steak and you grill it yourself on the barbie. Plus you get some chips and salad too. Awesome!