My blog is been dormant for quite a while now. So maybe a new approach is in order: short and quick posts. From comments in the last post I got an idea for a new banner for the blog. It’s pretty decent now I reckon, as far as my GIMP skills go.

I’ve done a few things in the mean time:

-Black Crusade Concert in Melbourne (Arch Enemy, Trivium, Machinehead)
-Seen the Melbourne Aquarium and Royal Botanic Gardens
-Geocaching daytrip to Namagi National Park
-Camping trip to Deua National Park
-Housewarming party for my new housemates (30-11-07)

Work is going well but getting busier:

-Annual report + essay due 15 Dec
-Draft version of first research paper due before Christmas
-Wagga Wagga conference 31 January
-1st seismic wave attenuation experiment started which requires going to the uni at odd nightly times.

Facebook really seemed to have kicked off now. If you don’t have an account yet and you’re my friend, look me up. You will pick up updates, photos and events from me quicker plus it’s a good medium to break the silence. I simply don’t have enough time to email every one of you although I do try to keep you as updated as much as possible.* Also it’s a nice toy. If you feel the internet is taking over your life, forget it. It’s already too late heh heh 😀

* Just a little clarification here. I’m not saying I won’t email you. If you email me, the chances are good that you’ll have a response. What I am saying is that I cannot email everyone out of the blue with my life story. Sorry! 🙂