…and a happy new year to everyone! 😀

I’ll be heading to Sydney on the 31st to celebrate new year with one of my housemates. Maybe you’ll see me on the telly packed between millions of people ha ha. The fireworks and the beer should be good. 😛 We’re going to crash through the night because all accomodation has been booked full months in ahead. I’ll have my mobile with me, but I don’t know if I will be able to send any messages. We’ll be back on the bus to Canberra the next morning.

In the meantime my supervisors gave me some presents as well… a deadline for a paper for a conference, a deadline for a poster of my research, a deadline for the midterm examination, a deadline for processing results of recent experiments. Hurrah! >_< So yeah I’ll take this weekend off but I think I can really use the upcoming week to start getting things done.

Today the weather is just awful too. Rain, wind, more rain, thunder… I took some pics and videos with my camera. It’s been rainy lately (see prev post) on and off which kinda sucks… Just go to my picasa web album on the sidebar on the right to see the photos >>>>

Also you’ll find some photos there of a xmas football match of staff vs students. It was great fun. I decided to be goalie in the second half when my Chinese officemate Qing came around with his camera. These are his photos. I blocked every ball in the second round which allowed us to forgo shame and we tied with the staff 4-4. After the match we had a delicious BBQ with plenty of drinks. It was also raining that day a bit but the tarp saved the BBQ 🙂

Again the best of holidays to everyone! Expect another post here before new year. Cheers all! beer