Bleh, I haven’t posted anything in a long while. Funny how even dedicating 10 minutes to write a blog post can be so unappealing.

Right. To get you back on track here is a little summary again of what I’ve been doing.

9 Feb – Iron Maiden. Photos here. It was the most amazing gig i’ve ever been to and probably ever will. The ACER arena is huge! It was also filled with more people than you’d find at a casual football game. I was at the top row because I waited like 12 hours before buying a ticket (that was back in october 07). Didnt matter. There were two huge plasma screens on either side of the stage where i could see the performers up close. The show was more than metal music, it was a musical. Great sound and great visuals. Also a point worth of note was the giant demon robot on stage later on.

Rest of Feb – I’m not sure if I did anything special during this time except work on my Masters manuscript (Yes still!) and my PhD project. I’ve had a couple of meetings with my supervisors and things are going quite well. I’ve been processing the last batch of results but now i’ll need to get cracking on getting some new samples prepared for new experiments. Summer’s been hot and cold. Some rain. Actually mostly cooler than normal down to just 20C. I got my new Dutch passport after a few trials of getting the photo right. First too big, then too small. Then when i got it right, they transformed it black and white! O_o. Madness i tell you! No digital fingerprint required just yet. Saved me some more hassles i bet. I also had bought a new desktop computer during this time. More in the next section.

March til today – Right so I bought my computer in parts from an online webstore in Batemans bay (1.5 hours drive). I got the bits soon enough, however my enthusiasm dampened when i found out the motherboard didn’t work. So after a lot of troubleshooting it was declared faulty. I contacted the store and asked if they could arrange a replacement for me. But they insisted I send it to a repairshop first with the address they gave me. So I did that but did get a refund for the postage. About 1.5 weeks later i did get a replacement because, behold! It was broken. So last week i build my uber rig and the new games I can play on it are amazing! Some titles: Crysis and Bioshock. Here are photos of my new computer.


Intel Q6600 quad core 2.4GHz OC 3.2GHz
Geforce 8800 GTS 512MB OC 760/972
OC 848MHz
nforce 870i SLI Mainboard
Onboard 24bit sound
500GB hdd SATA II

Now – Well not doing much at the moment. Had a BBQ in the weekend with roo steak, marinated, from a Kangaroo my housemate shot. (PS Kangaroos are a pest, so they are not protected). Roo meat is delicious and very lean. Weather is horribly hot this start of Autumn over 30C everyday. Not going to change too as far as the Bureau of Meteology is concerned. I just hope there’ll be some rawkus thunderstorms later. A heatwave going out with a dud is just for the lose.

That’s it for now. Do keep checking for I haven’t abandoned posting. Not something I plan to do 🙂