If you remember i’ve been to the Wagga conference on condensed matter and materials. There I submitted a manuscript of my preliminary research. Now, not surprisingly the organisation can’t get their act in gear to get the peer-reviewing done of all the submitted papers. So guess what? I’ve been asked if I could peer-review two papers!! 🙂 Ones are at least a bit related to what I do though since it’s not really an Earth Sciences conference. 😉 I feel pretty excited about doing this. Now I’m a real scientist! I’m also a bit nervous because..well..i’ve got no experience doing this sort of thing what so ever. Anyway I have 3 weeks apparently. I’m sure my supervisor could give me some helpful tips. Currently he is away to a conference in Japan and will be back next week Tuesday. I was going to do a hotpress experiment in the meantime but it looks like the bloody furnace is broken again. This time an open circuit in one of the furnace windings. Real nuisance because we just recalibrated a stable hotzone at 1300C with the furnace. We really need a technician in the lab. The last one left us 6 months ago for a better job. There hasn’t been enough funding for a replacement but maybe we can get a part-time tech.

In other news im about to submit my masters research to the journal Geophysical Research Letters. I’m holding off just a few more weeks because I want my former supervisor, who hasn’t helped me a bit, to reply with a few last comments and feel guilty as hell*.

I’m also in the process of writing a manuscript for GRL about my current research. Once I get this finalized I can make it a part of my mid-term assessment report. I’ll have a chapter on that and a chapter on specimen preparation, preliminary results from the forced seismic wave attenuation experiments / future prospects and feasibility of the phd project. Heaps to do, if only the bloody machines would co-operate.

Oh btw, Happy Easter everyone!!!! 😀

EDIT * It worked. Emails like those are not left unanswered. I always find it more rewarding generally to cause guilt in someone who is abusing me rather than to cause anger. It’s more of a challenge too.